Storage And Sheds

  • Choosing the Best Storage Shed and Taking Care of It - Your garage is finally full of stuff and now it's time to find a good storage shed. You don't just want to find a good storage shed, you're looking for the best storage shed that will provide you with the most value for your money. You're looking for a good product that will last forever.
  • How Big of a Storage Shed Do I Need? Professional Advice - Every once in a while someone e-mails me with a question that seems obvious and easy to answer, but this one isn't that easy. How big of a storage shed do I really need? It doesn't really matter how you answer this question, because the storage shed isn't going to be big enough.
  • Protect Your Storage Sheds During the Winter - If you live in cold climates, where temperatures drop below freezing and stay there for long periods of time, you could find yourself dealing with springtime repairs, especially if you haven't prepared your storage shed correctly.
  • Building a Heavy Duty Shed Foundation - First let me explain what a heavy duty shed is and then I will explain how to build the foundation. A heavy duty shed would be something built similarly to a home. In other words you would use lumber to frame the building and siding or stucco to finish the exterior. The shed would also have a regular roof on it, using composition shingles or something of its equivalent.
  • Building a Light Duty Shed Foundation - If you plan on putting a light-duty shed on top of a concrete foundation, there's no need for any footings and you might even be able to get away without installing any structural reinforcement.
  • Storage Shed Building Requirements - If you're going to be building a storage shed, on a solid foundation, there's a good chance that you are going to need a building permit. There are some exceptions, in the area that I live in, you're allowed to build a shed with a solid foundation, as long as the roof area of the shed is less than 100 Square feet.
  • Toilet Paper Storage Problem Under Sink - Some people are actually afraid to check under the bathroom sink, they're afraid they might find spiders, mice, rats or other pesky creatures, but worse than that, it seems like most homeowners are afraid they could actually find a water leak.