• Five Simple Facts about Installing Windows in Your Home - I used to watch a show called Dragnet when I was a young lad and the detective would tell the people that he was questioning, to only give him the facts. If you're planning on installing windows in your home or you know anyone who's planning on installing any windows.
  • Window Framing and Construction Problems - The biggest problem with window framing in home construction, is the exact size of the window opening. This is usually provided by the window manufacturer, but if they give you the wrong window sizes, you could find yourself in the middle of some extremely difficult window framing repairs.
  • How to Install Windows with out Any Flanges - If you really want to know the secrets about how to install windows without any flanges on them, I would advise you to contact the window manufacturer for instructions. That's the best advice I can give anyone who is thinking about installing windows that they're not familiar with.
  • Problems Installing Garden Windows - One of the biggest problems when installing Garden Windows, is the location of the window itself. If the window is located in a high-traffic area, you could find yourself, your family and even your friends, suffering as they bang up against this large bulky obstacle.
  • My Windows Don't Slide Easy Anymore - Trade Secrets from the Pros - If you have problems with vertical windows or windows at slide up and down, you might not be reading the right article. These trade secrets from the pros only apply to horizontal sliding windows.
  • Problems With Wood Windows - Where do I start, if your window is made of wood, there's a good chance that you're going to need to paint it or stain it. This will usually require removing the old paint or stain, through tedious hours of sanding and paint stripping.
  • Following Window Manufacturers Installation Instructions - This message is especially for anyone who is building a brand-new house and will be dealing directly with a home building inspector. If you don't follow the manufacturers installation instructions, you could find yourself in a world of hurt. Here's something that I would like to share with all homebuilders and window installers.
  • Problems Installing Casement Windows - I just wrote an article on problems dealing with garden windows and it got me thinking about the bigger problems with casement windows. I can't believe how many times I have hit my head on a casement window, that was open.
  • Wood Windows in Your Bathroom - Mold and Mildew -
    Well for one thing, wood and water don't seem to get along too good. If you have a wood window in your bathroom, there's a good chance that you're going to have mold and mildew hanging around somewhere.
  • Window Ventilation And Light Problems - Most bathrooms have windows and these windows can be used for ventilation, as well as natural lighting. I have worked on bathrooms where the windows have been painted shut or are rarely opened. This provides light but not the proper ventilation necessary to remove moisture from warm showers or baths.
  • Simple Window Repairs Using Wax - If you're having problems with your Windows opening and closing, you can apply a little wax on the tracking. It's been a long time since anyone has used this trick, I thought I would share it with homeowners and professionals alike. My grandfather was a master Carpenter and he always had a small candle in his nail bags or toolbox.
  • Do Your Windows Provide Enough Light and Ventilation? - This has been a problem for years and experienced architects and builders will usually spot the lighting and ventilation difficulties when they are drawing up plans or even building the home.