• Is There a Maintenance Free Home Siding? - If there is a maintenance free home siding, I haven't found it yet. I don't know how many siding manufacturers suggest that their products are maintenance free, but I don't think they're referring to maintenance free siding for the rest of your home's life.
  • Easy Siding Repairs Starts with Caulking - If you live in a home that has siding, there's a good chance that you might need to apply some caulking to it every once in a while. One of the easiest repairs any homeowner can do is to fill any cracks, gaps or holes in your siding with caulking.
  • 4 Smart Tips for Installing Home Siding - I don't know how many times I watch videos on the Internet or look at pictures that people send me about projects that they're proud of. I haven't even seen these types of problems on home remodeling television shows where people assume that these people are professionals.
  • What Are the Pros and Cons of Using Cement Fiberboard Siding? - Cement fiberboard siding hasn't been around long enough to really find out, whether it is or isn't a really good product. I have only been using this product for less than 10 years. When I first started using the product, you needed to have a special saw blade and it seemed to be brittle and easy to break.