Rental Property

  • Inferior Workmanship Combined with Inexperience Means Big Problems to Homeowners - It's hard to find a contractor who's willing to work for under $15 an hour who really knows what they're doing, but there are plenty of homeowners who use inexperienced workers and contractors to make home repairs or end up using them for home remodeling projects.
  • Finding Remodeling Ideas at Your Local Library - Ever since I was a child I enjoyed going to my local library and checking out books to read in the comfort of my home. These books didn't cost any money and there were more books than I could ever read in my entire life, at my local library. In other words, if you're looking for some remodeling ideas, visit your local library.
  • The Damage One Small Water Leak Can Do - What I'm about to explain to you, cost the homeowner about $1200 and it could have been fixed, with a two dollar rubber washer. When I say two dollars, it could have been even less than that, but we'll stick with two dollars.
  • Carpeting or Tile in Rental Houses - Here's something for people who own rental properties to give some serious thought to. A few years ago, our home burned down in the San Diego fires, October 2007. October 22, to be exact. I imagine I will never forget that day, but I did get some valuable information, that I can pass on to landlords, property management professionals and people who own apartments, condominiums or houses that they rent or lease.
  • What to Look for When Buying Damaged Rental Homes - Something to think about when you're looking at damaged homes. If these homes were rentals, I would like you to seriously think about what I am about to say. Most tenants have no desire to maintain any property that they don't own and will not benefit from.