• Painting Before Your Home is Inspected - Home Selling Tips - One of the worst things any homeowner can do when planning on selling their home is to forget about making any home repairs. Worse than that though, would be painting the home before making any home repairs. I don't know how many people I run into,
  • The Best Home Remodeling Investment - Painting - If you're planning on selling your home, any professional real estate agent will tell you that it needs to be clean and organized. I can't think of anything that makes a home look wonderful, than a new paint job. If you're planning on selling your home within the next five years, it wouldn't be a bad idea to paint your home, because it's going to provide you with an excellent home remodeling investment.
  • Big Problems with Some Exterior House Coating Warranties - There was a company who guaranteed that their product would last for the lifetime of your home. I will not name the product manufacturer, but this company is not what I would consider to be 100% legitimate and gave many of their customers a false illusion of their warranty.
  • How to Make Your Own Paint Tray Liners and Save the Environment - I have seen paint tray liners at my local paint supply stores and home improvement centers, but I've never seen anything like this. It's simple and easy to understand. Isn't that what most people really want out of life, something that's easy and can be done quickly and can save us money?
  • How Long Does It Take to Paint a Wood Window? - Well it's all going to depend on the size and the design of the wood window, but you can plan on spending quite a bit of time, painting these intricate architectural items.
  • Benefits of Fog Coating Your Home Exterior - Most people don't even know that you can fog coat a home that has a stucco exterior. The advantages of fog coating versus painting, can be astronomical in certain situations. Once you paint the stucco, you have sealed this cement-based product and you could be in for some big problems in the future. Stucco needs to breathe and once you paint, it can trap large amounts of moisture, in the stucco itself.