• Using Digital Cameras for Home Maintenance - It doesn't matter, whether you did or didn't take any pictures of your house in the past, but you're going to need to start taking them in the future. Every once in a while someone asks me for some home maintenance tip's and the best advice I can give anyone, is to make sure that you purchase and use a digital camera for all of your home maintenance and repairs.
  • Seven Ways to Avoid Home Maintenance Lists from Your Wife - The most popular thing that most people I know, don't want to do is to take care of their yards. The second thing that most people want to avoid doing is home maintenance. Here are seven ways to avoid home maintenance, when it's finally time to do it.
  • Home Ceiling Repairs That Just Don't Make Any Sense -
    I don't know how many houses I have seen in the past, that have stains in the ceiling and the homeowners don't do anything about them. Some of these homeowners ask me what caused the stains, while others choose to ignore, while both choose to do nothing about them.
  • Finding a Plumber Who Deals with Home Emergency Situations - If you have water leaking right now and it's flooding your house, you're not prepared for a home emergency situation. If you have a home that doesn't have any problems with it right now, continue reading this article to find out how you can prepare yourself and your family for any type of home emergency situation.
  • Home Maintenance Tips During the Winter Cold - If you can remember one word this winter, you need to remember the word water. If you don't keep the water away from your house you could find yourself dealing with water damage and water damage means home repairs.
  • Be Careful Cleaning Your Water Heater - Home Maintenance Tips - You should always be careful when ever you clean out your water heater tanks. I would like to share some home maintenance tips with you that could save you a lot of money. If you're planning on cleaning out your water heater, to remove calcium deposits, it's time to start paying attention and to put your thinking caps on.
  • Should I Prepare Myself for a Roof Leak or Deal with It Later? - There are plenty of questions that I have a difficult time answering, but this isn't going to be one of them. You should always prepare yourself, before any types of home emergencies ever happened.
  • I Don't Have the Time to Maintain My Own House - As people become busier in their daily lives, they might not have the time that they would like to spend maintaining their own house. How do I know this, because I am the one that they call to make the repairs, because they haven't spent the time to maintain them.
  • Poor Construction Repairs Create Problems in the Future - Have you ever heard the expression,” You can fix some of the things some of the times, but you can't fix all of the things all the time.” Well if you haven't, that's because I took another saying and rearrange the words to create a new inspirational thought for the construction world.
  • Use Home Repair Books When You're Not Sure - Even if you can't read, most home repair books have enough information contained within the illustrations to make an expert out to anyone. There are plenty of instruction manuals for almost anything that you can think of and with a little bit of common sense, I would imagine that anyone could fix almost anything with enough time, instructions and plenty of pictures.
  • Your Annual Home Inspection - Good Home Maintenance Practices - There are two kinds of homeowners, those who take care of their homes and those who don't. Those who don't take care of their homes are usually homeowners that don't make enough money and therefore can't maintain their property.
  • Home Repair Products - Which Ones Are Good? - People are always looking for something that is easy, cheap and will take very little time but will give them the same results, as if they would have hired a building professional. I've done it myself and have learned my lessons more than once. Watching a home improvement sales people, has provided me with an education of a lifetime.
  • History of Caulking and Its Uses For Home Repairs - When caulking first came out, it would fill small cracks with very little problems, of flaking or checking in the future, but as people began to feel larger cracks, the caulking itself would start to crack and separate from the sides of the areas that they were suppose to bond to.
  • Home Water Heater Damage – First I like to start with, what does home repair prevention actually mean. It's having the ability to understand basic home construction principles and knowing when there could be a potential problem. Some of these home problems, especially, water damage problems, can lead to expensive repair bills in the future.
  • What Is Water Damage, Exactly? Where Do I Find It? - Here's the question that everybody seems to want to know about and very few people seem to have the ability to explain it. I'm going to give it my best shot and see if I can put it in layman's terms or in other words as simple as possible.
  • Signs of the Water Damaged Ceiling Still Leaking - I would like most homeowners and contractors to keep something in mind here, your ceiling is usually located directly underneath your roof and if you have any water damage on your ceiling, it's probably going to be a direct result of a roof leak.