• Slippery Wood Floors Create Problems - One of the worst things that you could possibly happen anywhere is a slippery wood floor. It's almost like an accident waiting to happen and I see it often in my journeys as a construction contractor take me to other peoples houses within my area.
  • Wood Flooring Problems in Bathrooms - Most people like wood because it gives them a wonderful and natural feeling. I believe this natural feeling comes from our overwhelming urge to be a part of nature. Wood furniture and other household items that are made from wood, seem to create a relaxing environment in our homes.
  • Tile Grouting Tips for Your Bathroom And Kitchen Floors - Isn't tile grouting supposed to be simple, if you read the directions and watch a couple of videos? What could make tile grouting so difficult? Grouting your tile isn't that difficult, by the time you're done reading this article, you should have a pretty good idea how to grout your floors, bathrooms, kitchens and anything else that requires tile.
  • Problems with Mold Growing Underneath Your Flooring - Whether you have carpeting, title, wood or linoleum flooring, you could have mold growing underneath your floors. Remember, that all you need is a little bit of moisture and a nice dark area and you've got a nice home for the mold family to raise its little mold spores.
  • What Do I Do with My Water Damaged Carpet? Professional Advice - Every homeowner's nightmare, your roof was leaking and has now damaged your carpeting, along with your ceiling and some of the wood framing. What do I do with my water damaged carpet?