Drywall And Plaster

  • What Is Mold Resistant Wallboard? - If you've read a few of my articles, you know that I have worked in the construction business for over 30 years. I've seen building products come and go as manufacturers of these products change their names, start making different building materials or simply vanish and go out of business. Could mold resistant wallboard be one of these products?
  • Drywall Texture Secrets from the Pros - Every once in awhile, I let one of my secrets out and if you're in the drywall or wall texturing business, this one can save you a lot of time and money. It's not going to create a large additional cost to the project, but the benefits can be extraordinary.
  • Installing Drywall Vertical or Horizontally - Whether you're building a new home, remodeling an existing one, or doing any sort of drywalling, that requires a building permit or an engineer’s approval, make sure that you check to make sure, that you are allowed to switch the direction of the drywall.
  • Home Water Damage Emergency Phone Numbers - As a contractor, I'm the one that you call, when ever your home becomes damaged from water. I'm the person who comes out to your home and tries to get it back in shape, so that you can get back to your normal duties of raising your family.
  • Problems with Using Online Services to Find Contractors - Where do I start, some of these online services are making more money than the contractors. I can't believe some of the fees that a contractor has to pay to be part of their service.
  • I Can't Wash the Mold off the Walls - If you have mold growing on your bathroom walls, ceilings or any other walls in your home and can't seem to remove it, that's probably because it's underneath the paint. This might not make any sense, but if the mold continues to grow back, it's probably growing between the paint and the drywall or plaster.
  • Amazing Drywall Secret That Can Save You Lots of Money - With the price of everything going through the roof in the past and just recently starting to come down a little bit, here's a few money-saving things that you can do on your next drywall project.