• High Door Thresholds Create Safety Problems - What is a high door threshold? This would be any doorway that has a threshold that you have to step over or a threshold that is higher than the surface you are walking on.
  • Fixing Your Front Door - It's Squeaking - There is one thing that most homes have in common, and that's the front door. This door is probably the most used door out of any other door and the whole house. The minute that these doors start to act up, I would suggest that you fix them as soon as possible, simply to eliminate future frustration for your entire family.
  • Three Tips for Installing New Interior Doors - Home Remodeling - This article isn't about how to install existing doors that you will be replacing, it's about installing a new door in a wall that doesn't have one, yet. I've put together a quick list of three things that most do-it-yourselfers or self educating building professionals, might need to know about installing new interior doors.
  • Door Jamb Secrets - Using Extension Jambs - Installing a door can be a difficult and daunting task, for most homeowners or even novice contractors. Installing the door correctly, can make a big difference on how long the door will take, before it actually starts rubbing against the door jamb.