Crawl Space

  • Dangers Lurking Underneath Your House - It's not hard to imagine that there could actually be plenty of dangers lurking underneath your house. If you're claustrophobic or afraid of the dark, you might think twice before entering the crawlspace area underneath your home.
  • Why Should I Keep My Crawlspace Clean? - Problems Underneath Your House - This one isn't too difficult to answer, because you should keep everything as clean as possible, to prevent safety problems and additional home repairs. Your crawlspace underneath your house is no different.
  • Getting Good Home Remodeling Estimates - It's not hard to get a home remodeling estimate, but it is hard to get a good one. There is a good chance that you're only going to get a good home remodeling estimates from qualified contractors who understand the home remodeling business.
  • Crawlspace Dryer Vent Mold Problems - Poor Ventilation - If the crawlspace isn't vented properly, you could find yourself having problems with mold, mildew and even termites as moisture continues to build up in these areas. Your crawlspace can become infested with mold if these problems aren't taking care of soon enough.