Building Department And Inspectors

  • Suggestions for Dealing with Building Inspectors - There's only one way to deal with the building inspector and that's to put a smile on your face and try to get along with this person. You should treat the building inspector like they're your best friend, because they can cost you a lot of money and time, if you were to create an enemy instead of a friend.
  • Arrogant Building Inspector Changes His Attitude - If you have ever had to deal with a building inspector that isn't in a good mood, going through a divorce, having problems with their children or in general an extremely arrogant person, you might find this story interesting. If you haven't, you're definitely going to find this story interesting.
  • Why Do We Need Building Inspectors? - If you're hiring a professional home builder or remodeling contractor who has enough experience to build or construct the project effective way, why would we ever need a building inspector. Building inspectors often irritate homeowners and contractors and seem to get in the way during the construction process.
  • Building Inspector Pulls a Fast One - Room Additions - It doesn't really matter, whether you're building a new house, remodeling an old one or putting a room addition on, building inspectors can create problems for you, especially if you're trying to do the best job possible.
  • Who Is in Charge God or the Building Department? - If you're in church, there's a good chance that God will be in charge of anything that happens in your life, but when you're building a home and you need to deal with the building Department, make no mistake there's only one person in charge and it isn't God.
  • Dealing with Incompetent Building Inspectors - You're going to have problems with any business and construction is no different. There are extremely competent people who can make your life wonderful and then, there are at the incompetent ones who consider themselves to be professionals. We all know how to handle the competent ones, so let's find out how we can deal with the incompetent ones.
  • Dealing with Your Local Planning Department - First off, let me explain to you what your local planning department and its. These aren't the people that are going to plan your birthdays or anniversaries for you, these are the people who will tell you, what you can and cannot build on your property.
  • Do I Need Building Permits? Home Remodeling - Most contractors don't like to hear the words building permits or building department. I seem to get the jitters and break out in hives, every time someone wants me to go down and deal with my local building department. I'm kidding of course, but it's not too far from the truth.